Even in a particularly crowded luxury handbag market, THOM READ occupies a spot unto itself. The bags are 100% hand Made in Canada by only one of two makers who apprenticed at Hermes. Scarce, sought-after and simply the best that money can buy, Yes they have the price tag that goes along with all that exclusivity. Making the leap from being a designer handbag consumer to a Hand Made Thom Read vendee is a turn towards sophistication that onecomes with time, hard work and knowledge of the Finer things, so if this is the right time to invest in a Custom Canadian made Designer Hand Bag then we are here to help, of course; if you’ve ever wondered if owning a Thom Read bag is worth paying the premium, Here are five reasons why we think you should invest.

  1. Individuality, In days like this we want individuality something that says we went beyond the normal.

    Thom Read exemplifies this by Custom Made, Custom Colours ordered from the finest leather mills in Italy, hand selecting the perfect finish and stain colours and allowing you to make the very piece you have so desired.

  2. Exclusivity, No two Thom Read Bags are the same as they are each hand made and He (Thom Read) himself will devilishly make a note somewhere to define that very bag.

    Perhaps your initials or a signature mark that is personal to you and you alone.

  3. Expensive, This bag is expensive but for years to come it will be a signature of the highest quality, from the finest hand milled leather to the finest Italian hardware and custom made Swiss zippers hand polished to exacting draw standards simply not found in other hand bags.

  4. Status, Thom Read Hand Bags are not really a hand bag, but a piece of art designed to stand alone and project the perfects curves, with the finest stitching, Hand painted edges meticulously filled, painted and burnished, again and again. The signature 5 toes that details the exact line of the Cobalt signature blue that symbolizes the blue Horizon of any Mediterranean sea on a calm day. This is not a Purse but a state of being.

  5. Investing in one of the first, being one of exclusivity and being a person of style innovation and having a relatively new designer hanging on your arm to the scene takes ONE of Confidence. Looking back you can say I was one of the First.